Neighbor to Neighbor


Neighbor to Neighbor Program 

The CVCC is hosting a Neighbor to Neighbor (N2N) program to help our friends and neighbors stay safely in their homes.  It is a community-based volunteer program providing a variety of services to residents who need neighborly assistance for transportation, a friendly visitor, daily or weekly calls, grocery shopping, running errands and temporary meals. If you need help finding services, the N2N program whas a helpline you can call to find the support you need (520-589-4865).

The N2N team is led by Jane Raimondi and Joe Allison who coordinate the program. They want to know who might need the services AND who might be able to provide services such as:
  • transportation;
  • visits;
  • check-in phone calls;
  • assistance with grocery shopping;
  • running errands;
  • temporary meals.
When you hear that knock on your door, take a moment to learn more about N2N and how you can participate in this valuable service for our community.

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