Pool Rules


The following rules were passed in May 2020 to address concerns re COVID. Please ensure that you and your visitors are aware of the rules.

1. Use of the Colonia Verde Pools is at the user’s own risk. Colonia Verde is not liable for any injury or sickness resulting from the use of the pools.

2. The lap pool is currently only open for Colonia Verde residents. Immediate family members of residents can use the Clubhouse pool but must be accompanied by HOA Residents.

3. Pool users should not come to the pool if not feeling well or are symptomatic.

4. There should be no more than 7 people in the pool at the same time. Swimmers should maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from each other.

5. A distance of 6 feet minimum should be maintained between pool furniture. Pool furniture can be moved into different configurations as long as a distance of 6 feet between each item is maintained.

6. Use of face masks when not in the pool is encouraged.

7. Swimmers should bring their own wipes/sanitizers for cleaning pool furniture after use.

8. The period of 10-11AM on weekday mornings at the Clubhouse Pool is set aside for the Water Exercise Group.

9. Any personal items left in the pools or surrounding area will be discarded.

10.Swimmers desiring to use noodles, flotation equipment, barbells, and other pool equipment should bring their own items to the pool and take them home when departing the pool.

11.The Bathhouses will be open for use of the restrooms, but not the showers. The HOA will provide sanitizing items in the restrooms.

12. The outside shower at the Main Pool should be used instead.

13.The Exercise Room and the Sauna will be open for use, but only one user in each at a time. A sign-up list will be provided at the site. The HOA will provide a cleaning solution for the exercise equipment.