About Sewer, Water and Gas lines

Important Homeowner Information about Sewers, Water and Gas

Since Colonia Verde began in 1969, our homes and landscaping have matured somewhat gracefully, but infrastructure items like our water, sewer and gas infrastructure have not. Here's what you can do to help upgrade our infrastructure before problems emerge.

Do you know where your gas meter is?
Your gas meter may be in your back patio, on the side of your house, in your neighbor's back patio or, for many homes, in an enclosure in your cul de sac. Homeowners are responsible for the line from their house to the meter. If your meter is in an enclosure in your cul-de-sac, you have a greater risk for repairs to the gas line at your own expense.

What you can do: Southwest Gas has a program - free for homeowners - to relocate Customer-Owned Yard Lines (COYL) as close as possible to your house. If you are interested in taking advantage of this program, you can contact SW Gas at 800-654-2765. More information is available at https://www.swgas.com/en/arizona-coyl. You MUST also contact TPMG to coordinate this maintenance activity since it may impact your neighbors and require paving repairs.And, we want to supervise the work to ensure no other lines are compromised.

Scope your sewer line as a proactive maintenance activity.
Find and fix problems before company arrives for a holiday weekend. Call a plumber for an estimate. Many homes share common sewer lines with a single sewer clean-out. Homeowners that share a sewer clean-out are jointly responsible for sewer repairs up to the clean-out which could be quite a distance from your house.

What you can do: Pay for a sewer scoping. If you share a clean-out, make it a joint effort to split the bill.

How long does it take for your hot water to flow from your faucet?
If your water pipes are on your roof, what can you do to ensure that your water pipes don't freeze in our AZ "winter"?

What you can do: Replace your water heater with one that has a hot water recirculating pump that recycles hot water through your pipes. Do you know how old your water heater is? The typical lifespan for a water heater is 8-12 years.