Committee Guidelines


CVHOA Board of Directors utilizes Committees to manage many of the numerous activities and responsibilities of the Association. Committees are established by vote of the Board and shall be made up of at least three community members in good standing. It is the Committee Chair’s responsibility to solicit committee members from the community at large and submit those to the Board for approval. Only Committees that have responsibility for expenditure of Association funds must be chaired by a Board Member. All committee members must be members “in good standing”. CVHOA Committees will function in a manor consistent with Arizona “open Meeting” Statutes. 

1) Meeting Agenda provided

2) Minutes taken with all actions and decisions of the Committee recorded. Committee minutes shall be presented at the next Board meeting as part of the Committee Chair Report to the Board.

3) Committee meetings with less than three members present may meet, discuss and recommend, but any action or decision made must be presented to the Board for review and approval.

4) Board Members may serve as Committee Members, but every effort shall be made to have more Community Members on the Committee than Board Members.

5) All meetings are open to the Community and Community Members in attendance shall be offered the opportunity to speak to the Committee on issues/decisions being considered.

6) Committee meetings should be held at a regular schedule and published in the community calendar. Unscheduled meetings should be announced to the community at least the day before by sending a notice to Community Members via email and placing the sign board out front of the Clubhouse.

7) CVHOA Committees that have responsibility for expenditure of Association funds, have expenditure authority up to a maximum amount of $1,500 in individual cases as long as expenditure does not exceed the Committees annual budget limit. Committees that have multiple budget line items may not transfer funds from one to another without Board approval. The Board as a policy shall not allocate an expense from one budget line item to another to facilitate staying “within budget”.


Three Committees of the CVHOA have significant expenditure authority: Landscaping, Maintenance, and Infrastructure. The Association budget for 2020 contains the following amounts for these Committees: Landscaping - $35,000; Maintenance - $15,000; and Infrastructure - $15,000.

The purpose of this paper is to establish guidelines for these Committees to follow in their interactions with the Finance Committee and the HOA Board in their exercise of their expenditure authority.

Guidelines are necessary because most of the expenses involved will be unplanned at the beginning of the year, i.e. they will arise during the year from a variety of circumstances. And it is impossible to predict in advance the amount of funds that will be involved in individual cases. Accordingly, guidelines are required for the Committees to be able to exercise their respective responsibilities in both an efficient and responsible manner.

The following recommendations are submitted for consideration.

1) Committee Chairpersons have expenditure authority up to a maximum amount of $1500 in individual or separate cases.

2) For amounts exceeding $1500, Committee Chairpersons should consult with the Chairman of the Finance Committee. After such consultation, a recommendation may be forwarded to the Board for its consideration. Such a recommendation may, but need not, be a joint recommendation for approval.

3) The Board will then consider the expenditure proposal at its next regular Meeting and take whatever action it deems appropriate.

4) Committee Chairpersons are encouraged to communicate regularly with the Chairperson of the Finance Committee to ensure a two-way flow of information between their Committees and the Finance Committee.