How to Deal with Water Leaks

The following information is intended to provide some guidance to HOA homeowners regarding how to deal with water leaks.  It is directed at the 162 homeowners who receive their water through the 26 meters located in the Community, and in turn pay a monthly water assessment to the HOA. 

Responsibility for water leaks is as follows:  Tucson Water is responsible for delivering water to the 26 meters, so if a leak occurs in the line before the water reaches the meter, it is the responsibility of Tucson Water.  If the leak occurs after the meter, but before it reaches your home, then it is the responsibility of the HOA.  Once the water reaches your home, any leak is the responsibility of the homeowner.

Each house has a water shut-off valve which enables the homeowner to turn off the water coming into the house.  Every homeowner should acquaint himself or herself with the location of this valve and its operation. It’s easy to find, and it is not hard to operate.  Ask a neighbor to assist you if necessary.

Simple test:  if the water leak stops when the shut-off valve is turned off, then the leak is your problem.  If the leak continues, then it is the HOA’s problem.

Reporting of water leaks: If a homeowner discovers a water leak and determines or believes that it is not his or her responsibility, you should notify:  Rebekah Tolbert at Mission Management, our Property Management Group at  520-797-3224 ext 112

Which water meter is my house on?  This document shows houses by water meter and water meters by street/house number.