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Homeowner Information (updated August, 2021)

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Colonia Verde Homeowners' Association (CVHOA) 
- The CVHOA is managed by the CVHOA Board of Directors, who are elected at an annual election held the first Monday of February. The Board meets monthly, except for summer months, on the third Wednesday of the month at 5PM in the Clubhouse or via Zoom. All meetings of the Board are open to all homeowners at which owners are provided an opportunity to comment on actions being considered by the Board prior to their voting on them.

The CVHOA website has an abundance of documents available to view and download. Official HOA documents, By-Laws, CC&Rs, forms, meeting minutes for both the Association and Community Club are all available at www.coloniaverde-hoa.com. Please create an account for the website so that you can view resident-only information.

Colonia Verde Homeowners' Association Annual Assessment - CVHOA has an annual assessment that is paid by all owners monthly. The assessment pays for common area maintenance and services that includes common area grounds and landscaping, clubhouse and two pools, all cul-de-sacs and driveways, water, sewer services and services from Mission Management, our property management partner. The HOA pays water bills for 162 homes, which as of this date, March 1, 2021, is $70 per month. Seven homes on Camino Bacelar have individual water meters and deal directly with Tucson Water - they do not pay a monthly water/sewer assessment.

Colonia Verde has a Community Club (CVCC) - The CVCC organizes and manages many community and social activities and functions for the homeowners, oversees the maintenance and use of the Clubhouse, fund raising, and fitness programs. Anyone who is an owner or resident of Colonia Verde Community may participate in the CVCC activities. CVCC meeting are held monthly (except for June and July) for planning purposes, and all residents are encouraged to participate.  Meeting times and schedule of activities are published in the monthly news document "The Chronicle" and the "CVHOA Calendar". We also send out email notices of events and activities. See CVHOA Rules for the "Clubhouse Rules" for usage.

CVHOA Clubhouse - The CVHOA Clubhouse located at 2700 N Camino Valle Verde, contains two meeting rooms, a kitchen, bathrooms, a small community library, a computer, wifi service and a big screen tv. The Clubhouse patio area has covered seating, a ping pong table, and a charcoal and gas BBQ. Owners and residents can reserve the Clubhouse for private functions (some fees apply). The Clubhouse is accessible to residents during the hours of 6:30AM to 10:00PM via card key access. Card keys are assigned to homeowners by Mission Management, our property management partner.

CVHOA Clubhouse Pool - Our main poll is located at the Clubhouse and accessible via a card key to the right of the main Clubhouse entrance. The pool is heated year-round, and the bath house has a sauna and bathrooms with showers.

Lap Pool - Our second pool is located off the cul-de-sac at 7200 E Camino Vecino and accessible via the same card key as for the Clubhouse. The lap pool is formerly known as the "cold" pool since it was unheated. Heating has been added to this pool so that it can be used when it is hot out (without heating) and when it is cold out (with heating). 

Gas line and meter - Most of the homes have natural gas service via Southwest Gas. The homeowner is responsible for the gas line between the home and the gas meter. Many of the homes have the gas meter near or right up next to the home. Some have their meter located some distance from the home, frequently in a utility enclosure in the common area. When a leak occurs, the owner will incur the total cost of the repair. If the line crosses pavement or walkway, that will increase the cost. This may be worth checking into if your meter is not on your house.

Home Architecture - Changes or painting of the exterior of your home require the submission of an architectural request form with the Architectural Committee. Forms are available at the Clubhouse or on the CVHOA website. You can view the approved color palettes in the Clubhouse foyer or view them online at the Dunn-Edwards website (approved colors for CVHOA).

Homeowner Dues  - Dues are managed by Mission Management, our property management company. For most residents, water service is paid from homeowner dues. There are a few community properties that pay their water bill to the city and have reduced homeowner dues. Currently the basic homeowner fee is $140/mo, plus a Long Range Fund fee of $20/mo. For those homeowners who have community-supplied water there is an additional $70/mo.

Javelina - It is only a matter of time before you meet our javelinas that wander the washes early morning and at dusk. Dog owners know to steer clear of these animals especially at dusk on the outer community paths and roads. Interesting at a distance, not so much up close. More information about javelinas.

-  At Colonia Verde, responsibility for landscape maintenance of the common areas, including irrigation, is vested in the HOA itself, not the individual homeowner. Anything outside of the homeowner walls is considered common area. Thus, homeowners should not irrigate anything outside their walls in the common areas.

Homeowners wishing to plant or change the common area around their home must submit a landscaping request, even if the homeowner is willing to pay for the changes. Forms are available at the Clubhouse or on the CVHOA website. Find your landscaping zone on this map.

Resident Directory - There is a print-ready and online directory containing the names, address and contact information for residents. Access to the online directory and print-ready directory requires website registration. Printed copies of the Directory are only available to CV residents.

Owner Property Insurance
- All CVHOA owners are required to carry property insurance and are required to provide to the HOA proof of this insurance coverage. The easiest way to do so is to contact your insurance provider and instruct them to provide notice of coverage directly to the Association via Mission Management on a yearly basis.

Pest Control - Colonia Verde is rich in native plants and animals. It's one of the many reasons why we love this neighborhood! We are home to numerous native species of wildlife such as the Harris hawk, great horned owl, bobcat, coyote, round tail gopher, javelina, and gopher snake (which looks much like a rattler but is a natural predator to the many rodents we have) to name a few. If you poison one, you may likely poison many. That's the food chain. Please don't poison to try to eradicate a pest. Don't feed the wildlife - if you set out food for one, you may draw many unwanted species. Think twice about your actions. Protect yourself, your pets and our precious resource being our wildlife. Keep in mind we have chosen to live in their habitat. Enjoy it!

Property Management - Mission Management oversees managing the common area facilities and grounds of and for the Association. The community manager does not provide any personal services to and for homeowners in or on their property. Mission is also in charge of office services, billing and invoicing homeowners, and provides support services for HOA Board of Directors and various committees.

Sewer Service (except for seven homes on south side of Bacelar) - CVHOA pays for the individual property sewer service. The property owner is responsible for any line maintenance from the inside of the home to the nearest clean-out outside the home. The HOA is responsible for maintenance from the clean-out to where it connects to the city main. Most homes have a clean-out just outside of the wall of the home. This is evidenced by one or two 6" diameter tubes with caps on them usually sticking about 6-8" above the service. Some are contained in a recessed box with a lid if the clean-out was installed at a point where there was asphalt or some such hard service. Homeowners can locate their sewer clean-out using this sewer map. Homeowners with shared clean-outs can scope their sewer via a vent on the roof of the home.

Why is this important? If you have a blockage the sewer service company needs to know the location of the clean-out  or you will pay them to find it for you. When they are diagnosing where the blockage is, it is important that if it is determined the blockage is between the clean-out and main, you must notify the HOA prior to any work being done if you want the HOA to be responsible for the service and clear the blockage. Contact Mission Management if you are in doubt. If it's the weekend, call the Board member on call for emergencies.

Trash Service - Trash and recycle pick-up service is provided by Tucson Environmental Services and is paid for by the owner. Trash pick-up is on Thursdays and usually fairly early in the AM. Recycle pickup is every other week. Both trash and recycle days are included in the Chronicle newsletter and the Community calendar on our CVHOA website.  Please move your bins back into your garage by the end of the pick-up day. If Monday is a holiday, pick-up will be delayed to Friday that week. Bins needs to be stored out of sight. To order service, call Trash Customer Service at 520-791-3171.

Water Service
  (except for seven homes on south side of Bacelar) -  The CVHOA pays water bills for 162 homes, which as of March 1, 2021, is $70 per month. Seven homes on Camino Bacelar have individual water meters and deal directly with Tucson Water - they do not pay a monthly water/sewer assessment. Water is delivered to our 162 homes through 26 meters scattered throughout CV. Each meter serves more than one home, some as few as 2 or 3, one as many as 17. The HOA Board has a map of those meters and listings by home address and by water meter ID showing which homes are served by which meter. Around the 10th of each month Tucson Water reads our 26 meters. Those readings generate 26 bills which are sent to CV (actually our Property Management Company). As a result, the HOA has expense and water consumption data for each meter by month.

The property owner is responsible for the water lines from the shutoff into and inside the home. The shutoff is located somewhere on the exterior of the house. In some cases this shutoff may be located in a patio area. It is important that the homeowner notify the HOA if there is a lock on any gate or access to the shutoff and arrangement made for the maintenance manager to have a key should it become necessary for the water to be shut off in an emergency. The water service line and shutoff are located on the exterior of the home. They are exposed and have the potential of freezing during our infrequent but inevitable below freezing cold snaps. The homeowner is responsible for maintaining, and in this case, insulating these lines to guard against freezing. In addition, we have some homes that have waterlines on the exterior and roofs of their homes. Care must also be taken to make sure these lines are insulated especially in the winter months.

The Board has reviewed in depth the HOA's water bills for each month of calendar years 2016 through 2021. As a result the HOA has data which shows us by meter how much water we are using and what it costs us. This data enables the HOA to pinpoint locations of high usage as well as respond immediately to possible leaks in water lines.

In recent years, increases in our monthly homeowner assessments have been driven primarily by water expenses. The Board has encouraged homeowners to reduce the amount of water used for irrigation. Our conservation efforts have met with success. This is important because our water rates have increased by at least 7% for three years yet our consumption has decreased. 

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