Architecture Guidelines

The goal of Colonia Verde's architectural guidelines is to maintain the aesthetics of the community. The 2021 Architectural Guidelines state:

"Each resident is expected and required to appropriately maintain the condition and appearance of the exterior of his or her residence so that it remains in first-class condition and in harmony with the overall scheme of the Colonia Verde community."

Homeowners need to submit an architectural request and plans for physical or structural changes to their residence. Drop your form off at the Clubhouse.

The primary residence request the Architecture committee gets is for painting - what to paint, when to paint and which colors to choose.

  • Paint wires, pipe coverings, garage doors and gutters your base house color. All ironwork and security bars should be black, dark rust or the base color of the house. We recommend black.
  • Periodically walk around your house and look for peeling, faded or splotchy paint areas. Perhaps the prior owner did spot painting and you now have blotchy paint.  It's time to paint if you see these signs. If you need assistance, contact the Architecture Committee to check the area around your house.
  • Colonia Verde has approved color palettes from Dunn-Edwards paint. You can view the colors at the Clubhouse (posted on a bulletin board to the right of the front door), online, or at Dunn-Edwards paint stores.
Another request that is becoming more frequent is to install solar solutions. The state approves your solar plans; Colonia Verde approves that your solar panels aren't visible above your roof parapets.

The Architecture Committee also needs to be consulted when you want to install a solar shade or add house decorations to the outside walls of your house. Decorative sculptures like metal animals are popular but belong within your residence walls. The aim is not to critique your artistic choices, but to ensure that your choices are in harmony with the overall community.

You are welcome to attend monthly architecture meeting to understand what the Architecture committee does or to ask questions. Check the community calendar on the website or in the monthly Chronicle newsletter for meeting dates and times.