Are you a new resident?

What you need to know as a new resident

Whether you have come to Colonia Verde from across the country or down the street, there are a few things we ask you to do as a new resident.

1.  Contact your homeowner's insurance and have them list Colonia Verde HOA as additionally insured at 8375 N Oracle Rd, Suite 150, Tucson, AZ 85704.  When you renew, your insurer will automatically send this proof to Mission Management on your behalf. This is a requirement per our CC&Rs.

2.  Register as a homeowner or renter for our CV HOA website at By doing this you can receive community emails about news and events and access residents-only resources such as our Residents Directory. The website is managed by the HOA

3.  Request an address plaque for your home. Fill out an online House Sign Request and specify whether you want your name, house number or both printed on the sign. Or call Mission Management to place your request (520) 797-3224.

4.  Receive your security cards to access Colonia Verde pools and Clubhouse. If the prior homeowners left you their card keys, contact us to transfer the cards to your residence.  If you do not have card keys, contact us to receive a card key.  If you have a smart phone, we can also give you a mobile pass (specific to an email). Contact  Ava Blank at 520-490-2428 or [email protected].

5.  We want to add you to our CVHOA Residents Directory.  Let us know your email(s) and phone(s) by filling out the Resident Directory Update form on the CVHOA website under HOA Request Forms or calling Barbara Foster at 520-296-9920. The Resident Directory is managed by the HOA, so please let us know how you would like to be “found” by your community. We welcome renters in our Resident Directory. The online version of the Directory on the Colonia Verde website is updated on demand. Printed versions of the Directory are periodically published at the Colonia Verde Clubhouse.

6.  Choose how you want to receive the monthly CV Chronicle newsletter. The HOA publishes a monthly newsletter with updates from the HOA Board of Directors, the CV Community Club, and news you can use as a renter or homeowner. A few printed Chronicles are available at the Clubhouse. If you prefer to receive the newsletter via email, sign up for the Chronicle on our website or on this sign-up form. Historical Chronicles can be accessed from our HOA website. In case you are curious about the near or distant past, you can read historical Chronicles on our HOA website.

7.  Explore Colonia Verde Resident FAQs to get the basics of living in our community down. You can access the FAQs on our website under Resident Guidelines. This is important because we rely on homeowners to interact with the HOA prior to modifying specific aspects of their home such as architectural changes including exterior painting, landscaping outside the walls of your residence (performed by the HOA not the homeowner), and any maintenance outside the walls of your home. 

8.  Get settled, then get involved in our Colonia Verde Homeowners Association. Attend a monthly board meeting, join a committee that matches your interests, or attend a Friday afternoon social hour. Get to know your community and neighbors. And, welcome!